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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Welcome to the New Site

We at Skaters for Quality Skateparks, a collection of skaters, advocates and concerned citizens, have created this website to share our opinions about American Ramp Company and the sub-par skateparks we feel they are selling.

In several situations, we've approached cities who have been speaking with American Ramp Company (Hardcore Skateparks is the same company) and warned them that they should do more research before moving forward. Telling cities to check out the American Ramp Company park a few cities over or quoting posts from angry skaters in skateboarding forums has not been enough though. Skaters and advocates who question American Ramp Company's legitimacy and credibility, once they've already been working with the city, are often viewed as ungrateful and as a roadblock to the skatepark being built. Thus, we've created this website to provide a single location with information about American Ramp Company. This way the skaters and advocates who are trying to do the right thing can appproach their city with stories about American Ramp Company's skateparks and the city can decide for themselves if that is the company they want to work with.

This website is not meant to endorse any particular skatepark vendor or slander American Ramp Company. Rather than posting biased opinons, this website links to credible newspaper articles and third-party websites. Our only goal is to help communites with good intentions realize their goal of creating a quality skatepark by being aware of information that often falls through the cracks. This website's purpose is to educate the public and raise awareness - skateparks built with low quality standards lead to safety issues - and the public deserves to know if their skaters are being put in danger.

Please read further or check out photos of low quality skateparks here.

Bradenton, Florida Skaters Angry about Hardcore Skateparks

Full article here

With construction of the $6.2 million Riverwalk project slated to begin in a month, the project’s leaders are facing an outcry over a pivotal feature: the Riverwalk Skate Park. City council members received several emails over the weekend from adult leaders of Bradenton’s skateboarding community objecting to the choice of Hardcore Shotcrete Skateparks Inc. to build the skate park.

“Bradenton has a unique opportunity here to be at the forefront of a progressive urban environment,” Darrah said. “We’ve got a shot at being an example for small and big cities all over the country. With such a high-profile project, it doesn’t make sense to look at a contractor that the skateboarding community has always asked not be involved.”

Cantwell and Darrah said they first asked NDC in May not to consider Hardcore. The two said the company’s owner, American Ramp Co., has a bad reputation among skateboarders for building municipal skate parks that weather poorly and require extra maintenance.

They’re concerned that serious skateboarders, and the high-profile events they can generate, will be driven away by the Bradenton park’s association with American Ramp Co. Darrah cited several websites formed specifically to warn against American Ramp Co., and also sent city council members links to stories about cities who have had issues with the company. “(The park) is not going to give the business draw that they’re expecting,” Darrah said. “It’s not going to meet the needs of the end user, which is the skateboarding community.” Cantwell said more than 200 local skateboard enthusiasts have expressed support for Team Pain as the subcontractor. But Allen said his staff members had spoken with several cities who expressed satisfaction with Hardcore. A spokesperson for Hardcore denied that Hardcore was owned by American Ramp Co., although Missouri’s division of corporations lists American Ramp Co. as the company’s owner.

The American Ramp Company Story

The full story behind American Ramp Company and Hardcore Shotcrete Skateparks.

Hardcore Skateparks Creates Bad Blood in Holden, Mass

Hardcore Shotcrete Skateparks (which also goes by the name American Ramp Company and SOLO Skateparks to most likely skirt their terrible reputation) was hired by the Town of Holden, Massachusetts earlier this year to design their skatepark. A news article has just came out talking about why Hardcore Skateparks created bad blood with the skatepark committee and has now appeared to been replaced by a local architect.

"Yet the process has been slowed by obstacles along the way, from opposition to the location at Eagle Lake, to struggles getting design input from Holden skateboarders and most recently communication troubles with Hardcore's landscape architect Mark Leone.

"The principal designer that we were dealing with had been moved to the west coast, and we weren't notified," said Morano, who said that everything came to a standstill. "It kind of created bad blood for me. How high are we on their list of projects when they kind of dropped us without any notification?"

Full article here,

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hardcore Shotcrete Skateparks Quality

Apparently, many people feel the same way about their skatepark quality

Via Skate Montana on the Billings Skatepark built by Hardcore Shotcrete Skateparks:

Recessed coping, bumps and kinks, uneven transitions, rails and monoliths stuck in the middle of banks, a 10-step that's just too steep, the big bowl is just plain wierd. I pretend that this place wasn't made to be skated, like maybe a mediocre backyard pool, and then it doesn't seem quite as bad. Any of the other parks listed here is waaaaay better!! I would not make the trip just to skate this, though. Thank God that Hardcore Skateparks just built this one and went out of business before they could do this to anybody else!!

Another user described the tranny sections as "Worst mud in the State."

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why American Ramp Company should NOT build your skatepark

Slick brochures and an army of telemarketers may lure some cities into working with American Ramp Company, but this video speaks volumes about what kind of skatepark company American Ramp Company really is.

Keep in mind that American Ramp Company is the same skatepark company as Hardcore Skateparks and SOLO skateparks.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

American Ramp Company Skatepark is Falling Apart

Only a few weeks after the park opened, American Ramp Company's SOLO skatepark in Warren, Pennsylvania is having issues. If an experienced concrete company built this skatepark, would we be seeing these same problems?

“I wish City Council would come down here and see what they voted for,” said Kathy Johnson, a former member of the Parks and Rec Committee and an advocate for building a skate park in the city. “When I came down here and saw this, I had to pick my teeth off he floor.” Johnson was referring to various sections of the park’s ramps where concrete is already crumbling, including a large area connecting one ramp with its metal plate, along with joints missing large chunks of grout and metal plates lifting from the concrete pad beneath it. “Can you imagine what one winter will do to this?” Johnson said. “It’s already falling apart in the sunshine.” Johnson pointed to the various ramps on the park and added, “That should all come off of there and be redone. (The City) should sue (American Ramp Company) for misrepresentation of their product.” “I got an email on the third day that the park was open that it was falling apart,” said Missy Scordo, president of the Warren Area Skate Park Boosters.

According to Johnson, the Parks and Rec Commission recommended using a different skate park builder twice to council, which then chose to go with American Ramp Company, instead. “Why didn’t they use them?” Johnson asked retorically. “They were told. They had the pictures. They had the information. They chose to ignore it."

For the full article, click here.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

American Ramp Company Skatepark Dissapoints Skaters

Only a few weeks after the park opened, American Ramp Company's SOLO skatepark in Warren, Pennsylvania is having issues. If an experienced concrete company built this skatepark, would we be seeing these same problems?

"'It's falling apart already."

Thus skater Bryce Blackman summed up his impression of Warren's new skate park, which opened less than a month ago. "I think we got junk for premium prices," Blackman added.
City officials acknowledged on Tuesday that there were issues with the skate park, located at Beaty Field, citing hot conditions during construction for causing problems with the concrete and grout.

"They said they knew what they were doing," Blackman said, "but it was pretty obvious they weren't skaters. They didn't buff the cement until it was smooth, other than in one area. They just poured it and left. They didn't clean or wash the dirt off the (concrete) pad before they put the ramps down. Maybe that's why they are wobbly."

"The ramps aren't built for perfection for all the money that we had raised," said skater Matt Bryant. "We were all expecting that."

For the full article, click here.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Local Skate Community Rejects American Ramp Company Skatepark Design

The local skate community in Portsmouth, Virginia was going to receive a metal skatepark from American Ramp Company, but once the skaters saw the design they said it was "far too generic" and that they wanted something else.

The rest of the skateboarding world picked up on this story and is urging for support to turn this skatepark away from the direction American Ramp Company was pushing it.

Check out SkateDaily for further info.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Woodlands, Texas Rescinds Contract with American Ramp Company

In mid-October of 2009, the Woodlands Community Association in Texas decided not to work with American Ramp Company on additional phases to their skatepark project, after American Ramp Company had installed equipment earlier that year.

American Ramp Company claimed they had fixed all of the problems with their pre-cast concrete line, SOLO, but photos from the first installation in the Woodlands show some issues with the transition plates on the end of the ramps.

A different concrete company was hired to replace American Ramp Company.

"In other WCA news, board members voted to rescind an extension of contracts with LDF Construction and American Ramp Company for Bear Branch Skate Park phase two and approve a bid from Parthenon Custom Concrete for the work."

For the full article from The Courier of Montgomery County click here

Saturday, June 25, 2011

New American Ramp Company Skatepark Disappoints Portland Skaters

Recently American Ramp Company (who also goes by the name Hardcore Skateparks) won a project in Portland, Maine with a design of roughly 20,000 square feet. Now, the design that won them the project has been completely changed and scaled down to 9-10,000 square feet. This has really upset the skaters who feel like they've been duped.

A Hardcore representative is now saying that initial design was "never really an option". Seems very misleading to us, to submit a design and get everyone excited - knowing the whole time that it was impossible to build. Is this a case of over-promise and under-deliver?

"What resulted is the bizarrely unsatisfying hybrid that's slated for construction at Dougherty Field."

For the full article, click here.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hardcore Shotcrete Angers Malakoff City Council

American Ramp Company has minimal experience with building concrete skateparks and it appears as if it is starting to show.

A few months ago, American Ramp Company won a project in Malakoff, Texas based on their salespeople stating they had 20 years of concrete skatepark experience.

An article from "The Malakoff News" shows American Ramp Company has already requested three change orders and failed to properly plan for construction.

"Hardcore requested approval for three change orders from the Malakoff City Council last Thursday."

"The required work was completed before the change order was brought before the council, and the price tag represented actual costs, according to Hardocre's Chris Fredricks."

"Although the council unanimously approved the change after nearly 30 minutes of discussion, council members were not happy about the need. Councilwoman Jerrilyn Tarver and Councilman Tim Trimble in particular questioned why a site soil survey, a typical precaution, was not conducted."

For the full article, click here.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Skate Community Feels Betrayed by ARC

The local skate community in Killeen, Texas is very displeased with the direction American Ramp Company is steering their project.

"I feel like we've been betrayed," Carter said. "The city's just going to waste $210,000."

It appears ARC is still pushing modular skateparks over concrete. "When we offered our method … they saw that they were getting more for their money," said Jeremy Cupp, ARC skate park specialist. "For the most part, you're not going to get as much for your money with concrete because there's so much more involved in it."

Check the full article here.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Local Skaters Complain about American Ramp Company Skatepark

An American Ramp Company skatepark that just opened in Lawrence, Indiana is already receiving complaints from angry local skaters.

Quoted from IndyStar article from November 2, 2009.

A handful of in-line skaters and skateboarders doing tricks Sunday morning in the park doubted the park would be an extreme sports magnet unless some improvements were made.

"There are a lot of design flaws," said Vince Morrentino, 28, Indianapolis. "There's no fluid movement through the park, and some of these metal edges need to be ground down. {$326} My skates already have some weird grooves in them from skating here."

Morrentino, who said he's been skating more than 13 years and has visited more than 100 skate parks, said but unless improvements are made, it's unlikely to draw skaters from outside Lawrence.

Read further to the comments section to see more angry complaints from local skaters.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The River Skatepark Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma was convinced by American Ramp Company to buy a steel skatepark for their city. Many skaters and community members feel there are two main problems with steel skateparks: noise and heat.

Check out the River Skatepark's website to see the city's warning about how extremely dangerous the skatepark can be when it is hot outside. (It's the 8th rule under skatepark rules)

As far as noise concerns go, here are some videos which show the park 2.5 years after being built.

Sound levels at the skatepark - video 1 and video 2.

More info on the American Ramp Company skatepark -

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

American Ramp Company Engages in Potentially-Illegal Cyber Squatting

Check the full story here.

American Ramp Company, who apparently changed their name to Hardcore because of all the bad press associated with the ARC name, recently engaged in what is probably a case of illegal cyber squatting.

They registered domains for almost every other skatepark builder in the industry in order to drive business away from them and towards ARC or Hardcore. They've most likely been served with lawsuits from the other skatepark companies which is why the websites were taken down a few days later. This is illegal and the signs of a company with questionable business practices. Would you do business with them?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Misleading Claims about Concrete Experience

In 2009, American Ramp Company bought out a concrete skatepark builder that hadn't built any skateparks in years. This company is Hardcore Shotcrete. Now that cities are realizing that the steel ramps American Ramp Company has been selling them for years are a waste of money, American Ramp Company is making it seem like they've been building concrete skateparks for years.

Hardcore Shotcrete (aka American Ramp Company) just won a project in Malakoff, Texas because they had references that said they've been building concrete skateparks for over 20 years.

"According to its literature, Hardcore has more than 20 years of experience in "shotcrete applications and site
work for the construction of custom skateparks, swimming pools, waterfalls, and other complex concrete structures."

If you look at their website though, it says "skater owned and operated since 2001". This seems very misleading to buyout a company that has been around for about 9 years and say you have 20 years of concrete experience.